Facet Release Table
Facet Release Table






Patented Design!

A mechanically simple design...

that produces traction and decompression by reversing the compressive effect of gravity on the spine. Your patient, in the prone position on the unique convex surface of the Facet Release Table, will experience a gentle, natural reduction of spinal compression due to the effect of gravity and their own body weight.




In addition to the unique decompressive ability of the Facet Release Table,it can also be used as a traditional bench style table for such techniques as side posture adjusting, diversified and activator techniques.



This device does not rely on software programs, pelvic restraints, harnesses, bolsters or external mechanical forces.


The Facet Release Table has very few moving parts resulting in low maintenance and long life.



Due to the uniquely engineered features of the Syncon Facet Release table, minimal practitioner training is required to effectively operate the table.

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